The Drummer – short film review

The Drummer deals with something most people can identify with and that is passion. The protagonist displays this passion quite evidently, that is what I like most about this short.
The film centers around an out of work musician that has lost the zest for life. He has no girlfriend and his father continues to get on him about giving up his dreams of becoming a famous drummer and suggests getting a regular stable job that pays weekly. All this man wants to do is play the drums to the big band sound of the 50’s that he loves.
He gets a call to do a gig for a wedding in upstate Connecticut and takes it. He arrives early and the only person to show up from the band is the singer a pretty girl with an amazing voice. They begin to play together and it’s at this point we see how much the music means to this man. The director did a very good job of showing how much the music brings this man back to life! It’s almost as if he transcends into another world when he plays he feels the music. The film is shot very well along with the acting. Again, what I loved about this film, is how well it showed that passion can uplift the soul.

Neal Damiano



Fairview St. – indie film review

Editorials: Fairview St indie -film review
My friend Michael McCallum whom I met at Project Twenty1 film festival a few years back just sent me his first full feature film that he directed, wrote and acted in. The movie is called Fairview St and it’s a gritty little intense drama filmed in classic black and white which really sets of the tone and mood of this movie. James Winton (McCallum) spent four years doing undeserved time for a close friend after an armed robbery went bad. While in jail he finds his true self and hopes to bring this new found harmony to the outside world. His day of freedom comes and he’s released from prison to return home to his wife and father. His first stop is at a local restaurant owned by one of his mentors growing up. The owner offers him a job at the restaurant to get him back on his feet. As he is leaving a man enters and shoots the owner. Two detectives that know James very well are hot on his trail, certain given James shady past he is the prime suspect. This turns into a cat and mouse chase as James tries to convince everyone around him that he is a changed man. He reconnects with his old friend Bobby Stone (Root), and the temptation back to his former life. A very well written film about redemption and the price we sometimes pay for our past. The acting is amazing especially McCallum who explodes with affection all the way through. An emotional roller-coaster ride of one man searching desperately for salvation.
& an escape from his dreary past. The cinematography is really intense and the ending will floor you.

Neal Damiano


Truly There – short film review

Truly There centers around two girls forced to take an after- school class on photography. The girls seem to have nothing in common other than the fact that they both like using a camera. I feel the directors intention is to show how two girls with completely different styles can relate to each other through an art meduim. I think the director does this brilliantly because there is not a whole lot of information given about the girls it maintains a certain mystery about them to the viewer. The acting is good
however I think there should of been a little more conversation going on between the girls to explain and back up its final conclusion. The film is shot very simple with an easy concept, but yet very powerful in its message.

Neal Damiano

Morphine- short film review

Editorials: Morphin(e) -short film
Morphin(e) is a nerve jangling little short I recently came across very solid story. Jack Norris (Paul J Alessi) is an ex-con trying to seek redemption from his old ways. With his life finally coming together a new job, beautiful wife, & newly sober on a cold night he tragically falls asleep at the wheel & awakes to a hospital bed with his wife sent to intensive care. While struggling in & out of consciousness under a heavy dose of morphine he sees an older lady that looks to be a nurse euthanize the patient next to him. When Jack tries to explain to the doctors what he saw, no one believes it.
Horrified at the thought of his wife being the next victim Jack takes hold of the hospital desperately trying to save his wife. The cinematography was amazing for a short film, the use of camera angles very fitting. The acting is very intense especially Paul J Alessi who burns with emotion from beginning to end. The nurse (Amie Barsky) that tries to help Jack puts on a very terrifyingly believable performance. What I like about this short is that it grabs you from start to finish leaving you to question what was real or imagination.

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Neal Damiano


Shopping -short film review

Editorials: Shopping -short film
Shopping is an intense little short film. The acting is done very well and the use of camera work is very clever. The idea is pretty common but the way it’s shot goes well with the suspense build up. The camera draws you in as if you were there which is unusual for a short. The story centers around a husband and wife that are not able to have children. They are in a department store discussing baby names, right here you can sense something bad is going to happen. But the suspense build up is very slow moving, which really drives this film because you know what they’re trying to do – kidnap a child from the store but you really don’t know how they’re going to accomplish this. The acting really pushes this short along, especially the husband because you can really feel the struggle this man has with his morality. He wants a child so badly but doesn’t want to do this horrible crime, but at the same time he wants to make his wife happy. The way the couple accomplishes this terrible act is also quite brilliant. A very suspenseful well written short film.

Neal Damiano

Young Adult -film review

Editorials: Young Adult -film review
Young adult is about that inner child in all of us who never quite wants to grow up. Sometimes the past can haunt us and arrested development emotionally occurs. Charlize Theron plays this loose cannon but likable character flawlessly. Patton Oswalt’s sad comedic satire is impeccable. Surprisingly the chemistry between the two just works. This film is not for everyone but if you like dark humor it will entertain.

Neal Damiano