Buffalo Review

Rebel Pictures has made another engaging drama with the full feature film Buffalo. A very well written character piece starring William McCallum as Roger, a distant and emotionless taxi driver that ran out on his family many years ago. As Roger goes through the mundane motions of everday life, he starts to question things. Roger discovers he is terminally ill and knows time is running out. He also finds out his ex-wife has passed away.
Roger finally realizes too much lost time has past him by. No real connections with anyone, he steals the taxi and heads out to his ex-wife’s funeral and find his son, he abandoned long ago. Along this amazing journey, he encounters several people at a crossroad in life. Free of his old ways, he listens to their stories and provides help. But with each encounter, Roger realizes that the chance meetings with these people were really a gift and they have helped him in more ways than he could ever imagine.
The biggest lesson Roger learns is the connections with other people, that is what truly matters. Standout performances from William McCallum and Barb Dalman, his love interest. The director Michael McCallum, managed to keep Roger very likable, with a definite possibility of redemption. The soundtrack is amazing and it all fit together very well. I particularly liked the story it’s human and heartfelt, a very solid character -centered film.

Neal Damiano



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