Morphine- short film review

Editorials: Morphin(e) -short film
Morphin(e) is a nerve jangling little short I recently came across very solid story. Jack Norris (Paul J Alessi) is an ex-con trying to seek redemption from his old ways. With his life finally coming together a new job, beautiful wife, & newly sober on a cold night he tragically falls asleep at the wheel & awakes to a hospital bed with his wife sent to intensive care. While struggling in & out of consciousness under a heavy dose of morphine he sees an older lady that looks to be a nurse euthanize the patient next to him. When Jack tries to explain to the doctors what he saw, no one believes it.
Horrified at the thought of his wife being the next victim Jack takes hold of the hospital desperately trying to save his wife. The cinematography was amazing for a short film, the use of camera angles very fitting. The acting is very intense especially Paul J Alessi who burns with emotion from beginning to end. The nurse (Amie Barsky) that tries to help Jack puts on a very terrifyingly believable performance. What I like about this short is that it grabs you from start to finish leaving you to question what was real or imagination.

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