Fairview St. – indie film review

Editorials: Fairview St indie -film review
My friend Michael McCallum whom I met at Project Twenty1 film festival a few years back just sent me his first full feature film that he directed, wrote and acted in. The movie is called Fairview St and it’s a gritty little intense drama filmed in classic black and white which really sets of the tone and mood of this movie. James Winton (McCallum) spent four years doing undeserved time for a close friend after an armed robbery went bad. While in jail he finds his true self and hopes to bring this new found harmony to the outside world. His day of freedom comes and he’s released from prison to return home to his wife and father. His first stop is at a local restaurant owned by one of his mentors growing up. The owner offers him a job at the restaurant to get him back on his feet. As he is leaving a man enters and shoots the owner. Two detectives that know James very well are hot on his trail, certain given James shady past he is the prime suspect. This turns into a cat and mouse chase as James tries to convince everyone around him that he is a changed man. He reconnects with his old friend Bobby Stone (Root), and the temptation back to his former life. A very well written film about redemption and the price we sometimes pay for our past. The acting is amazing especially McCallum who explodes with affection all the way through. An emotional roller-coaster ride of one man searching desperately for salvation.
& an escape from his dreary past. The cinematography is really intense and the ending will floor you.

Neal Damiano



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