The Drummer – short film review

The Drummer deals with something most people can identify with and that is passion. The protagonist displays this passion quite evidently, that is what I like most about this short.
The film centers around an out of work musician that has lost the zest for life. He has no girlfriend and his father continues to get on him about giving up his dreams of becoming a famous drummer and suggests getting a regular stable job that pays weekly. All this man wants to do is play the drums to the big band sound of the 50’s that he loves.
He gets a call to do a gig for a wedding in upstate Connecticut and takes it. He arrives early and the only person to show up from the band is the singer a pretty girl with an amazing voice. They begin to play together and it’s at this point we see how much the music means to this man. The director did a very good job of showing how much the music brings this man back to life! It’s almost as if he transcends into another world when he plays he feels the music. The film is shot very well along with the acting. Again, what I loved about this film, is how well it showed that passion can uplift the soul.

Neal Damiano



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