Shopping -short film review

Editorials: Shopping -short film
Shopping is an intense little short film. The acting is done very well and the use of camera work is very clever. The idea is pretty common but the way it’s shot goes well with the suspense build up. The camera draws you in as if you were there which is unusual for a short. The story centers around a husband and wife that are not able to have children. They are in a department store discussing baby names, right here you can sense something bad is going to happen. But the suspense build up is very slow moving, which really drives this film because you know what they’re trying to do – kidnap a child from the store but you really don’t know how they’re going to accomplish this. The acting really pushes this short along, especially the husband because you can really feel the struggle this man has with his morality. He wants a child so badly but doesn’t want to do this horrible crime, but at the same time he wants to make his wife happy. The way the couple accomplishes this terrible act is also quite brilliant. A very suspenseful well written short film.

Neal Damiano


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