HANDLEBAR – indie film review

Editorials: HANDLEBAR -film review
Rebel Films brings us another great indie feature. A madcap crime caper about two bumbling idiots trying to pull of a kidnapping for the local mob boss. Michael McCallum stars as Dwayne, a drunk that cares about nobody but himself, who teams up with Benny, a mentally challenged man with the brain of a five year old. Now these two together are the type to mess up a cup of coffee. Manny, the head mob boss hires them to kidnap the rival mafioso’s daughter. All hi jinx pursue once Dwayne and Benny kidnap the wrong girl, who happens to be Manny’s daughter. They try desperately to hold on to her and keep Manny at a long distance. Manny played by W. McCallum steals half the show with his serious, yet sarcastic dialogue. The gritty cinematography goes well with the story and some very funny moments with Dwayne ( McCallum) and Benny (Hagedorn). Also Grace Ann Rowan is hysterical as the fiesty mob daughter that gives it right back to them.

More info at handlebarmovie.com

Neal Damiano
Film Journalist



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