My Brother Jack – film review

I first caught wind of My Brother Jack at The New England Underground Film Festival in Hartford it was the feature and to put it simple I was floored. Stephen Dest a resident from New Haven, or as we locals like to say “A guy from the neighborhood” directed a truly cinematic suspense thriller. The film centers around two brothers Jack (Malcolm Madera) and Vince (Jon Thorndike), trying to figure out who killed their parents on Christmas Day when they were children. Fast forward to several years later, the man convicted of the murder is released from prison and gets killed at a bar. Vince is the prime suspect and a detective which happens to be a childhood friend, is hot on his trail. My first initial thought was this reminds of an Alfred Hitchcock or Brian Depalma film, because of the constant build up of suspense through the entire movie.
A really good film keeps you engaged through the entire experience and My Brother Jack does just that. From the very opening shot the movie pulls you in, enticing and grabbing at your psyche trying to figure out who the killer is. I particularly liked the fact that Stephen used the city so well, including landmark shots of iconic New Haven establishments. The cinematography is beautiful and the acting is brilliant, also a compelling soundtrack. Malcolm Madera and Jon Thorndike’s chemistry together on screen is excellent, a really convincing performance. A very interesting story-glad to see filmed in New Haven.

Neal Damiano



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