Brilliant Mistakes – film review

Every year I attend Connecticut Film Festival and usually come across a film I think about long after the festival is over. Brilliant Mistakes is one of those rare films, where you can empathize with every character. A deeply textured and emotional layer enriched within each person we come across in this heart felt drama.
Marcus Wright (Daniel Dambroff) is an english teacher at a prestigious prep school in Connecticut, madly in love with his longtime girlfriend Gaby (Elise McNamara). Marcus plans on asking her hand in marriage, but tragedy strikes and she is involved in a car accident, leaving her in a coma. We do not see what or who caused the accident. Marcus struggles as he comes to the realization that she may never speak again. At a grief meeting he befriends Elliot, (Christopher Clawson) a free-spirited writer, who makes Marcus feel alive again. They create a strong bond through hardship, each not knowing just how close a connection they share.
What I particularly enjoyed about Brilliant Mistakes is the unpredictability of the story. The connections we watch unfold seem real, not forced at all. The acting is amazing and the cinematography filmed throughout rural Connecticut is quite beautiful. A very well written film about learning to accept tragedy and growing through the process.

Neal Damiano



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